The Naughtiest Unicorn – an exclusive interview with Mira and Dave!

To celebrate the release of The Naughtiest Unicorn by Pip Bird, we managed to catch the stars of our newest unicorn-tastic middle-grade book, Mira and Dave the unicorn, for a very exclusive interview.

You can catch them in their brand new adventure, The Naughtiest Unicorn – out now!

The Naughtiest Unicorn

Mira: Hi everyone! My name is Mira and THIS is Dave! He’s my UBFF (Unicorn Best Friend Forever) and he’s the best unicorn in the whole world! OK so he might be a BIT different from other unicorns. Maybe a BIT smaller and a BIT plumper and a BIT less sparkly. But he’s still AWESOME!


Mira: Dave, Dave, wake up! We’re doing an interview! It’s all about our brilliant book, The Naughtiest Unicorn, which is out NOW!

Dave: *wakes up suddenly with a snort and looks crossly at Mira*

Mira: Here, have a doughnut.

Dave: *munch munch munch*

Mira: I’m so excited for this book! You’re going to be FAMOUS!

Dave: *raises eyebrow*

Mira: I know! I’m so excited too. I just have so much fun with you and our friends at Unicorn School and I think everyone will enjoy reading about our adventures. Like the time… Oh, wait, I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone! So, Dave, as this is an interview, can you tell me about your childhood?

The Naughtiest Unicorn

Dave: *licks the plate*

Mira: Hmmm interesting. And what books did you enjoy as a little unicorn?

Dave: *farts loudly*

Mira: Great! I think we’ve learned lots about you. Now, time for YOU interview ME! Mira, what’s the best thing about Unicorn School? So pleased you asked Dave, that’s a great question! I’d have to say when I first got my school invitation letter I was SUPER EXCITED about winning lots of medals and going on lots of quests. But now I think the best thing about Unicorn School is having you as my Unicorn Best Friend Forever.

The Naughtiest Unicorn

Dave: * snuggles up to Mira*

Mira: Aww, thanks for the hug Dave. I love you, too!

Dave: *poos on the floor*

The Naughtiest Unicorn

Mira: And, to everyone reading this, we hope you enjoy our brilliant book! It is FULL of fun, friendship, naughtiness and LOTS of unicorns! And look out for MORE amazing adventures, coming soon.

The Naughtiest Unicorn

More About The Naughtiest Unicorn

The Naughtiest UnicornJoin the naughtiest unicorn for magic and mayhem in this hilarious new middle-grade series!

Mira CAN’T WAIT to start Unicorn School. (Her big sister goes and won’t stop going on about it). But when Mira arrives on her first day all the unicorns are gone . . . except Dave!

Dave isn’t quite the sparkly unicorn Mira was expecting to find at the end of the rainbow – he’s more grumpy than glittery, more interested in lunch than magical Quests and he always runs off when Mira tries to ride him – but Mira’s not going to let that get her down. Along with her new friends and their (much more glittery) unicorns, she is determined to be the best at Quests and protect the special unicorn world!

The Naughtiest Unicorn series: 
The Naughtiest Unicorn
The Naughtiest Unicorn at Sports Day
The Naughtiest Unicorn and the School Disco

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