The Ministry of Niceness (World of Happy) (World of Happy)

A charming and heart-warming story from Giles Andreae, creator of Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton. Now available as an ebook complete with audio book.

In the Land of Cats, it was the COOLEST cats who ran the town. And the Ministry of Coolness made the laws. However, there was one cat who was just … NICE.

The Nice Cat went about his business with a SMILE upon his face. And his niceness began to spread. And so begins a story about SPREADING HAPPINESS – a joyous little treasure for the whole family to share. World of Happy … because life is FUN!

Featuring a boisterous audio soundtrack voiced by Geoffrey Palmer, this ebook and audio book from Giles Andreae’s World of Happy series is more joyful and anarchic than ever before. The Ministry of Niceness demonstrates the same playful, quirky sense of that made Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton global brands.

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