Dilly the Dinosaur

Introducing Dilly, the world’s naughtiest dinosaur by internationally acclaimed author, Tony Bradman.

In his first four stories, Dilly the Dinosaur gets up to all sorts of mischief.

First, he decides to hate water and vows never to wash again, until his friend Dixie objects to the very smelly dinosaur he becomes.

Then, Dilly lets loose his ear-splitting super-scream which makes his father have a disaster with his sister’s birthday cake, but things get even messier when Dilly tries to make a replacement.

Dilly gets very confused one day, waiting for it to rain cats and dogs, and finally makes his own very characteristic contribution to the family’s house-painting day!

Tony Bradman’s dinosaur stories are the most fun and reader-friendly books for children you’re likely to come across.

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