Favourite Books About Siblings

Last month Egmont published two new, heart-warming Mr. Men books: My Sister and My Brother.

Featuring all of your favourite Mr. Men and Little Miss characters and exploring the ways in which we appreciate brothers and sisters, Mr. Men’s latest additions are the perfect stories for siblings of all ages. To celebrate their release we have put together a list of our favourite Egmont books about siblings.

My Sister

Cover image for My Sister

Whether your sister is making you laugh with funny jokes or telling fantastically silly stories, she is always there to brighten up your day.

With My Sister, you can join Little Miss Chatterbox, Twins, Hug and lots more, in showing your sister just how much you love her, the perfect gift for any sister.



My Brother

Cover Image for My BrotherWhether your brother’s fun games and tickles make you happy or his cheeky tricks make you giggle, he’s always there to make life more fun.

Mr Tickle, Happy, Mischief and lots more Mr Men friends are here to show your brother how much you love him.

With pages available inside to personalise, My Sister and My Brother are the perfect books for a sibling’s birthday, a new baby brother or sister, or for gifting any time you want to say I love you, too.


Star in the Jar

When a little boy stumbles across a special star, he puts it in a jar and takes it on his own dazzling adventures. Together with his big sister, he takes his special treasure with him everywhere – to the cinema, to the swimming pool and even to the toilet!

But the poor star is sad and misses its home. Can the little boy and his big sister find a way to send the star safely back?

Sam Hay’s story and Sarah Massini‘s artwork glows with warmth and humour. Star in the Jar perfectly captures the friendship between the two siblings in this warm-hearted bedtime book, the perfect picture book for siblings to share and read together.

My Naughty Little Sister

Dorothy Edwards’ classic stories about one naughty but very entertaining little sister include My Naughty Little Sister, When My Naughty Little Sister Was Good, My Naughty Little Sister and Bad Harry and My Naughty Little Sister’s Friends.

My Naughty Little Sister has charmed generations of adults and children alike thanks to Dorothy Edwards’ playful stories and Shirley Hughes’ beautiful illustrations. Perfect for little readers with younger siblings of their owns, Edwards captures just what being an older sibling is all about.

Peter Pan

Wendy and her brothers find themselves among tinkering fairies, cunning pirates and lost boys in J. M. Barrie’s fantastical Peter Pan. Egmont’s beautiful picture book edition features stunning illustrations from celebrated Disney artist Mary Blair, the original concept artist for the beloved film.

Rediscover one of your favourite Disney films as the traditional tale is retold alongside Mary’s stunning artwork, making favourite scenes between Peter Pan and Captain Hook come vividly to life.

My Brother Bernadette

Jacket image for My Brother Bernadette

A heart-warming tale of a little boy with big ideas, My Brother Bernadette is written by international best-seller Jacqueline Wilson for Egmont’s red banana series.

Sara always gets lumbered with looking after her little brother Bernard. And summer project at the local school is no different. There’s so much to do – football, judo, trampolining, model car making, computer games and drama.

But all Bernard wants to do is clothes design. Soon all the kids are calling Bernard ‘Bernadette’ and shoving him around. Sara wants to help but she doesn’t want to make it worse. But ‘Bernadette’ is a little boy with big ideas. And he has a plan up his very nicely designed sleeve.

 A Series of Unfortunate Events

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are intelligent siblings. They are charming, and resourceful, and have pleasant facial features. Unfortunately, they are exceptionally unlucky.

Following the mysterious death of their parents, the internationally best-selling A Series of Unfortunate Events follows the orphans as they find themselves in less than desirable conditions.

In the tradition of great storytellers, from Dickens to Dahl, comes an exquisitely dark comedy that is both literary and irreverent, hilarious and deftly crafted. Be warned, there is nothing to be found in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events but misery and despair.

Jacket images for the first four book in A Series of Unfortunate Events

My Sister the Vampire: Fangs for the memories

Jacket image for My Sister the Vampire

Things are going great for Olivia Abbott and her boyfriend Jackson in My Sister the Vampire, except for the huge secret she’s been keeping from him…there are vampires in Franklin Grove and Olivia’s twin sister Ivy is one!

Olivia knows she must tell Jackson the truth, but the vampire officials say that Jackson must pass three trials if he is going to be trusted with the secret. And, as Olivia knows, these tests are not easy … they are blood curdlingly difficult!

Will Jackson prove himself worthy or is this the final nail in the coffin?

Jacket image for My Brother the Werewolf: Cry Wolf!


My Brother the werewolf: Cry Wolf!

From the best-selling author of My Sister the Vampire, Sienna Mercer, comes a paranormal romance.

To their classmates, Daniel and Justin are identical twin brothers. But in fact they couldn’t be more different. On their thirteenth birthday, one is destined to turn into a werewolf. This full moon is going to change everything. Will Riley and Debi find out the boys’ secret?

Cry Wolf! is the first fun and exciting story in the four book spin-off series, My Brother the Werewolf.

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