Egmont set to make a splash with game-changing graphic novel series

Following a major multi-publisher auction we are thrilled to announce that Egmont have won the rights to Ben Clanton’s Narwhal and Jelly series, a brilliantly funny, full-colour collection of young graphic novels.

Publishing in May 2019, each graphic novel features three playful and funny, text-light short stories alongside pages dedicated to fintastic ocean facts and jokes. The series sees Narwhal, a happy-go-lucky character, team up with Jelly – a no-nonsense jellyfish.

The two might not have a lot in common, but they do love waffles, parties and adventures.

Showcasing the joys of friendship, benefits of working together and power of your imagination, Clanton has created a market-changing series for those moving on from picture books.

Dav Pilkey, bestselling author of the Dogman and Captain Underpants series has described Narwhal and Jelly as: ‘hilarious and charming. The most loveable duo since Frog and Toad’.

Clanton’s series received the Eisner Award for Best Publication for Early Readers in 2017. Lindsey Heaven, Fiction Editorial Director, signed the deal for UK & Commonwealth rights for four titles with Ellen Greenberg from the Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency.

Lindsey Heaven said, ‘We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Ben and the utterly charming Narwhal and Jelly to the Egmont pod! This witty, warm and underwatery young graphic novel series is perfect for young KS1 children looking for their first ‘reading book’ after picture books. The minimal but perfectly-judged level of text with full-colour comic illustrations makes this a real market changer for the age group.

As an editor, and parent of small people, I have been looking for something like this to fill a significant gap in the market for a very long time. And I’m WHALEY excited to have found it in Narwhal and Jelly.’

Narwhal and Jelly
Spread from Narwhal and Jelly

Ben said, ‘Ahoy! I’m super excited about this op-pod-tunity to work with the Egmont crew! I like to say that the Narwhal and Jelly books are first and foremost about waffles. In other words, sweet and awesome stuff. Like imagination, inclusion, and being silly! Thank you for embracing these aspects of the books and for welcoming Narwhal and Jelly to the UK in such a funtastic and fintastic wa

Ben Clanton is the author/illustrator of the bestselling Narwhal and Jelly young graphic novel series. When Ben isn’t doodling up stories (and often when he is) he likes to cook, explore outdoors, and play basketball. Ben lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, son and daughter.

Find out more about Ben on his website, and find our more about the series on the Narwhal and Jelly website.

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea! and Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt by Ben Clanton will publish on 02 May 2019 in paperback.

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