Celebrating National Non-Fiction November

November is National Non-Fiction month, an annual celebration of the power of fascinating facts. To join the National Non-Fiction November, we showcase some exciting non-fiction books from the Egmont bookshelves which explore everything from shooting stars to meerkat pups.

Books about the world around us

What's Above?What’s Above? is the perfect pop-up book for children aged five years and up who are interested in the world around them.

Written by Clive Gifford, expert author and winner of the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize, it features stunning illustrations by Kate McLelland and innovative paper engineering.

With What’s Above? children can embark on a journey of discovery across the world in a pop-up book full of delights.

The beautiful scenes include eagles swooping to catch their prey in a rainforest, black bears prowling in a mountain kingdom and a comet shooting across the sky.


around the world in numbers

Did you know that 15,000 paintbrushes and 60 tonnes of paint are needed to repaint the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or that to get enough nutrients, giant pandas have to eat an astounding 12-38 kilograms of bamboo every day?

With Around the World in Numbers, busy young minds will be engaged for hours in a voyage of discovery across all the continents of the world.

Written by Clive Gifford and illustrated by Josh Hurley, Around the World in Numbers is full of interesting facts about building marvels, amazing animals, record-breaking sports and incredible treasures. It’s perfect for adventurers age 6 years and up.

the adventures of your brainIn The Adventures of Your Brain children can go on an interactive pop-up journey all about their fascinating brain!

They can pull tabs, spin wheels, lift flaps and reveal the giant pop-ups to learn all they ever needed to know about how our brains work.

Written by Dan Green and illustrated by Sean Sims, The Adventures of Your Brain has colourful, graphic illustrations, engaging bitesize facts and surprising statistics covering vital curriculum topics.

It’s the perfect interactive learning tool for ages six and up.


Books for animal lovers

amazing animal babiesWith Amazing Animal Babies, readers can travel around the globe and meet some incredible baby animals as they begin their journey through life in this beautiful, fact-filled non-fiction picture book. It’s a, an excellent source of expert wildlife information for all young nature lovers.

Written by beloved naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham and illustrated by Harry Potter cover artist Jason Cockcroft, Amazing Animal Babies is made for children aged three and up.

From Darwin’s froglets and baby earthworms to tiger cubs and meerkat pups, little minds will discover lots of animal stories and find special information in this stunningly illustrated picture book.

amazing animal journeysAnother beautiful title from Chris Packham and Jason Cockroft, Amazing Animal Journeys is the perfect non-fiction children’s book for curious minds aged three and over.

Amazing Animal Journeys lets children meet some of the masters of migration as they take you with them on some incredible journeys around the globe.

From whales and wildebeest to butterflies and bats, discover each of their stories, pore over the migration map and uncover extraordinary information.

animal survivorsOur Reading Ladder book series, developed with a leading literacy consultant and made to help children become fluent, independent readers, has a number of amazing non-fiction animal books, like the brilliant Animal Survivors.

Written by Clive Gifford and illustrated by Sarah Horne, Animal Survivors is an engaging non-fiction book that will help make learning to read fun and interesting.

Are you ready to discover the extraordinary ways that creatures can survive? Meet the incredible survivors of the animal world including some heroic pets, frauds and fakers, long-living legends and sneaky tricksters.


About National Non-Fiction November

National Non-Fiction November is the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ annual celebration of all things factual. Born out of National Non-Fiction Day, the brainchild of Adam Lancaster during his years as Chair, the whole month now celebrates all those readers that have a passion for information and facts and attempts to bring non-fiction celebration in line with those of fiction. Find out more on the National Non-Fiction November website.

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