A Monster of a new series

The much-anticipated and action-packed Monster is the first book in Michael Grant’s newest trilogy. Set in the aftermath of the bestselling GONE series, Monster is a thrilling start to a terrifying new world where everyone is developing powers. Superheroes and supermonsters are created. A battle between good and evil ensues.

The GONE series takes us through a gripping story set in Perdido Beach where everyone over the age of 14 disappears. With no adults, the teens that are left are cut off from the outside world by a forcefield dome which traps them. No phones, no internet and no television. There is chaos in the streets, sides are chosen, bullies rule, animals mutate and when you turn 15 you disappear.

Four years after the dome has come down and the events of FAYZ, this new world is changing again, meteorites hit the earth and alien viruses are exposed to humans. A race to save the world begins. Acting as a standalone series, Monster features a compelling cast of fresh faces and unimaginable creatures.

Shade Darby vowed that she would never feel powerless again. But the brutal and terrifying fallout of FAYZ continues to wreak its havoc. So when Shade finds that she and others are starting to mutate, the authorities decide that they can’t let these superpowers go unchecked.

The dome might be gone, but the story is only just beginning. True to his style, Grant remains the evil genius of YA Fiction. His writing delivers an enthralling tale, one which you cannot look away from until you have gotten to the last word.

Watch the gripping book trailer for Monster and prepare yourself for a new series, new powers and new battles.

To accompany this new release, we have created some amazing teacher resources for key stage 3 students based on the book Monster. Spread over 5 lessons these detailed plans and guided reading questions are a great exploration of creative writing and literary analysis.

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